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For more than 25 years we’ve provided our loyal customers with premium health and wellness products. These exclusive products are formulated with safe, active, natural and patented ingredients developed to enhance your health, your pet’s health and your family’s well-being.

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In the mediaWith headquarters in the beautiful resort community of Coeur D Alene, Idaho, Oxyfresh has been in business for over 25 years. Oxyfresh premium products are used and loved by people and pets around the world.

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Oxyfresh Products

Dental Care — Safe science, superior results

Backed by scientific research and clinical studies, Oxyfresh professional grade dental products are second to none. Our proprietary ingredient, Oxygene® a powerful compound that makes our dental health products stand alone. Oxygene® safely and effectively neutralizes the cellular debris and toxins that cause bad breath, contribute to an unhealthy smile and can ultimately lead to dental disease. Oxyfresh products do not contain burning alcohols that dry tissues, harsh abrasives that wear enamel and cosmetic work or colored dyes that stain.


  1. Alcohol Free
  2. No harsh burning sensation
  3. Non-toxic and safe
  4. Contain Xylitol - natural sweetener with cavity fighting properties
  5. Contain natural peppermint
  6. Dye free
  7. Tested and proven to show remarkably low abrasion rates
  8. Formulated to cleanse, deodorize and condition mouth

Pet Products

Oxyfresh premium pet products nurture a lifetime of happiness for pets of any preference. Several of these products contain our exclusive ingredient, clinically proven to safely eliminate odor-causing compounds to keep pets healthy. All Oxyfresh pet products are completely safe, non toxic and recommended by thousands of pet professionals worldwide.

Nutrition & Weight Loss

Oxyfresh nutritional supplements and weigh management products are formulated to promote vibrant health, resistance to disease and illness and help to get in shape. Oxyfresh supplements provide anti-aging support with powerful anti-oxidants, maximizes nutrient absorption, supports healthy digestion and supports joints and bones.

Personal & Home Care

Oxyfresh’s non-toxic, environmentally friendly formulas offer true cleaning value and serves as defense against germs and odors.

Many of these products contain Oxygene®, clinically proven to safely eliminate odor causing compounds, leaving you, your family. Your pets and your home clean and fresh.